Website FAQ's

The world of websites can seem complicated with technical jargon galore. So below you will find some insight into some of the key elements of websites.The below information is intended for those with no or little technical knowledge. 

A web domain is ultimately what you will type into the address bar of your web browser.  is my web domain. 

  • “webtattoo”  is the section of my web domain referred to as the unique identifier.
  • “” is the section of my web domain referred to as the domain extension. 

There are lots of domain extensions available all with a variety of meanings and associations. Examples include .com,, .net, .org and .gov. More detail and examples can be found here.

Hosting is ultimately the engine of your website.

A website needs a server to run on, this makes it visible on the internet.  It also encompasses many other technical components such as configuration files and  Databases.

All of these technical requirements and associated costs are rolled up into the term “hosting”.

SEO is an acronym, meaning Search Engine Optimization. 

Helping your website appear in search engines such as Google or Bing can be hard work and can even be costly.

However there are things we can do to assist your website rankings and these are included in our plans. 

Like lots of technology, to keep it safe and performing well, new updates are released on a regular basis. Failure to update your website can result in poor performance and even stop it working. This why we include the maintenance in your plans.

Planning for the worse case is a sensible approach, so performing a regular back up of your website ensures that if it ever breaks, it can be recovered quickly and not be offline for weeks. So for peace of mind, back-ups are included in our plans. 

Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce is the name given to any business exchange conducted over the internet. This can be anything from the selling of physical and virtual products to auction sites or downloading or streaming of media. 

To conduct such transactions through your website you need a Shopping Cart software along with payment integrations with solutions such as PayPal. 

Through this software you can then manage your stock/inventory, orders, sales and discounts, shipping and customer correspondence. 

At Web Tattoo we provide Image Services. 

If your business is local to us, we can provide photography to help capture your business, services and products. Alternatively you can provide your own or we can source free stock images for you. 

You can use these images in “raw” format as a simple photo, alternatively you can use them within your website with text and graphic overlays. We can do this for you and is included within some plans. 

Still have some questions? No problem, just get in touch.

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