Hello, I’m Greg, CCM (Chief Coffee Maker) at Web Tattoo.

Firstly, thank you for checking out my website. I hope you take the time to look around and have all your questions answered. If not, please contact me for a chat and I can answer any of your questions. 

I have seen too many people not exploit the potential a good website can unlock for their business. Everything from cost, technical information overload or just simply never having a good chat to see if its right for them can put people off. I have experienced this first hand with friends and family when they have set up their businesses. 

As a result, Web Tattoo was born. 

Web Tattoo is my way of providing the best possible experience for anyone wanting a website or e-commerce site. Consulting and supporting you through every step, you can not only get a website at a reasonable price, i will happily support you with any training, advice and creative consultancy you need. 

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