Web Sites

Web Design

We offer 4 web design plans to suit every need. 

However if you have bespoke requirements or simply need help deciding, please feel free to contact us.

Websites in these plans are often referred to as “brochure” sites and are designed to show off your business and your work. They also allow your customers to get to know more about your company. 

We work with you to create the best online presence for your business, and don’t worry if your not “creative”, through the consultancy design process we can capture everything needed to translate your company and its vision into your website. 



We offer 4 e-commerce plans which are based on the those in our web design plans. On top of the Web Design foundations, you then get a full online store. 

E-Commerce plans give you the ability to sell your products directly to your customers. Integrating with online payment solutions (e.g. PayPal) and also providing a full content management system. This allows you to manage your products, stock, orders, sales and so much more. 

This can often be daunting for new online sellers but don’t worry. Web Tattoo can support and train you along the way and even offer additional training and consultancy. If all that feels like too much to handle, simply opt for one of our fully managed plans and let us take away the hard work.


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